How to foolproof your startup in 3 easy steps

How to foolproof your startup in 3 easy steps

More than anything else, an entrepreneur faces the biggest challenge of proving himself/ herself first. Having no experience, no success history and no infrastructure, it makes things even worse for the harrowed entrepreneur. Leveraging your business from the scratch to the pinnacle of success requires tactical and savvy approach when it comes to comprehending and dealing with the funds process. This in turn prepares you for the impending mammoth challenges you will face. These useful tips shall foolproof your startup that come in handy for anyone contemplating a start up and aspires to leave a mark:

Foolproof your startup:

1. Don’t just plan, act on it:

Often, people keep their ideas to their imaginations figment only and do not execute them for the fear of failure. They are afraid that it’s not worth the effort or they don’t have the desired skills to sail through. This is where you should buck up and take the plunge, because the earlier you commit, the better are your chances of sustaining. Most entrepreneurs are in a hurry to achieve a lot more than what is plausible for them, that too in a short span. Over analysis can more often than not, lead to paralysis. So focus on what you are good at, rather than venturing on something that you are not aware of. And yes, do not hesitate to initiate the start up, everything will fall into place in due course of time.

2. Define your areas of interest and be ready for the change:

First and foremost, pick an area that you think you’ll do better than anyone else but keep your options open for adaptability, evolution and iteration if needed. You may not get it right in the fist attempt, but by the time you’re trial number 35, you might nail it. Flexibility is the key; you have to try out every single option to find out which one works best for you. There are no shortcuts to foolproof your startup for sure. There will be temptations to provide your client’s every whim and fancy, but at times this tendency could call for disintegration as well. Rather than doing everything for everyone, it’s wise to do that one thing you’re good at. Having a niche in a large dynamic market is always better because it gives you enough room for pivoting and negotiating plausible alliances as well as capture unpredicted opportunities.

3. Don’t stop Networking:

Having diverse relationship networking that empowers you with expansion opportunities will surely have a compounding effect on your business growth. Often a friend or relative can introduce you to your very first investor. Having contacts with significantly important people in your line of business is essential for the company’s growth and development. So don’t hesitate to reach out and make enriching relationships, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how willing they are to help you. Asking for referrals and following up with them is a wise thing to solidify your personal network.

To sum it up, the first golden rule of starting a business should be to take initiative even after you stumble upon a couple of roadblocks. Your business is born out of your ideas, vision and imagination so do whatever it takes to prove yourself. Successful people keep moving, and they never quit.