Best Customer Loyalty and Incentives Program in India

In today’s fiercely competitive world, a dedicated customer loyalty program has become of utmost importance. It is difficult for companies to lure and retain their customers as a cut-throat competition is seen among the companies who are selling the same or similar products.
Customer journey is as diverse as ever and customers today have more options than ever before. Our custom loyalty program is indispensable to retain existing customers. Our highly customizable loyalty programs will add recognition and keep your brand front & centre.

Gather Data

Don’t miss out on a single detail also; create the most detailed programs.

Understand your customer

Keep a track of your customer demands by tapping into all the available touchpoints.

Creative programs

Create frictionless, long lasting experiences
that your customers can’t get enough of.

Tailor their Experience!

Surprise and delight your customers with a custom loyalty program. Provide them with what they will find interesting rather than a blanket offer. Gather data to create a contextualized analysis of consumer behavior and consumer incentive programs to get ahead of the competition.

Points Based Custom Loyalty Programs

This is the most popular type of loyalty program but, how do they work? The customer earns points every time they make a purchase. The points can be redeemed towards their next purchase which persuades them to come again.

Tier Based Software Loyalty Programs

The Tier programs are like video games. Yes! You heard it right. Once you complete a level of spending, you unlock a new level to get bigger benefits and perks. This inspires them to get up to the next level.

Value-Based Customer Services Program

Build a strong relationship with an attempt to connect with customers on a deeper level. When a certain amount of price is donated, it instills a sense of pride in your customers.

Game Programs

Gamifying rewards are highly effective for young demographics. It provides a sense of accomplishment by associating each challenge to a benefit. They have to undertake a mission to unlock a benefit.

Paid VIP Member Programs

You have the option to let the customers pay to get access to special services and discounts. But, keep in mind! You need to offer them exclusive benefits higher than the cost of joining.

Customer-Centric Retention & Rewards Program

Customer Loyalty is directly tied to your ability to grow. Establishing a mutual connection and a custom loyalty program increases the customer retention.

Multiply CLV

CLV demonstrates how valuable the customer is to you. Use these statistics to build solid strategies to gain long term customer loyalty

2 Way reward

A refer-a-friend feature lets him earn points and you acquire a new customer via a customer reward program


Retaining the existing customers is easier than acquiring new ones. Retention is the most cost effective plan to boost your profits.

We Create Unique Customer Engagement Platforms

The last thing the world needs is another marketing agency. Since we started, we’ve always tried to be unique. Whenever a new client walks in or before we pitch in, we ask ourselves “why are we uniquely qualified to do this work?”.
We have always been able to answer that question, honestly. We understand our customers and we understand them well.
We seamlessly integrate digital technology into incentive solutions, consumer & channel loyalty programs into real-world environments, which nurture a brand experience with well-targeted and persuasive marketing messages that would captivate your audience, cultivate your message and elevate your brand whilst creating a relationship with your Target Audience.
Clear Understanding of customers
Map out customer journey
Collect competitive insights
Priority to Customer satisfaction
Emotional connect with customers
Adaptable to changing preferences

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Consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program.

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After building a trustworthy relationship, loyal customers spend more than the new ones.

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Loyalty customers are worth upto 10 times as much as their first purchase

Our Process

We design, build and support websites and apps for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out.
  • 1

    Strategize a program based on client need and budget

    We help our clients’ to strategies an appropriate customer loyalty program based on their goals and budget. A detailed analysis is done for the same.

  • 2

    Software Development and Integration

    Once the strategy is formalized, our technical team brings the plan into action by developing the customized software and integrating with your app.

  • 3

    Storing data and reward monitoring

    Our back-end team works day and night to make we don’t miss any data and all your customers get their points, rewards updated error free.


Got an Idea

We take your “great idea” and turn it into a reality, ensuring that it fits your
consumer marketing strategy and customers expectations.
Share with us and, let us execute your great ideas, into even bigger outcomes!