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1 Most Ignored factor affecting business – Generational Kinetics!

The factors affecting and determining the working plan of every particular industry are very different. However, all different industries have one common factor that should be taken into consideration in order to succeed – Generational Kinetics. The problems stemming from not understanding the generational dynamics and planning out your strategies keeping them in mind are innumerable. Failing to take this aspect seriously enough, could lead to breaking any business structure wide open, in the coming 5-10 years. Here are answers to some of the questions you might have in mind regarding Generational Kinetics.

Why does figuring out Generational Kinetics matter in any business?

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Customer satisfaction measurements that must not be overlooked at all costs

What makes us revisit a restaurant? It could be the lip smacking food, great ambience and prompt courteous service. An overall great experience makes us want to go back to the same restaurant. Positive experiences result in better customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty and product repurchase. And that is what every business wish to accomplish. To effectively measure satisfaction there are many strategies, but these are the 4 most important ones that are crucial to your business success.

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