Experiential Marketing – Building Brands

Experiential Marketing – Building Brands

The Internet has flooded with Experiential Marketing – Pepsi Max’s new advertisement. An augmented reality screen was installed at one end of a bus shelter, on the perpetually buzzing Oxford Street. Here’s a link to the video on YouTube. That shows the reactions of random daily commuters to outlandish phenomena, from alien abductions and flying saucers to crashing robots!

This video is amongst more which are part of its “Unbelievable” campaign, a tribute to the truly unique and talented, who aren’t afraid to abandon the beaten track and fearlessly face the challenges and risks that characteristically precede the forging of an identity, truly head-and-shoulders above the me-lee. The campaign identifies such individuals and pairs them with equally visionary creative and directorial experts. That inspires people to seize the moment in a fresh and energetic way.

It’s possibly the best amongst the latest examples flying around, of what experiential marketing is—after all, how much closer under the consumer’s skin can it get, than this! The hoped-for reactions, of sudden shock and awe, have aimed at providing the consumer with some existential food for thought.

Experiential Marketing

Off the top of our heads, the prospect of tigers bounding through the streets, flying saucers overhead, or tentacles from man-holes grabbing passersby is so ridiculous. Yet the startled expressions on the faces of those waiting inside the bus shelter are clear evidence, not of deadpan sarcasm, but of hearts skipping a beat: “Is this really happening? It could happen, is it  happening to me?”Our Scientific curiosities and material ambitions have left no stone unturned; our collective consciousness rendered so fragile by the many catastrophes we have faced, that we are willing to accept just about anything happening, anywhere, on any given day.

The message? Live the moment, grab every opportunity, peep out of every window, open every door, and persevere just another moment longer. Fortune favors the bold and every bold step you take might just result in something “Unbelievable”.

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