Importance of Consumer Engagement Experts

Importance of Consumer Engagement Experts

Creating brand equity and furnishing a marketing solution that would effectively and emotionally connect the brand with the potential consumer is a daunting task of the modern day business management and this requires professional help and expertise.

Consumer engagement experts devise various strategies, which are experiential and creative at the same time through which a brand gets its rightful exposure in the market and consequently the loyalty to the brand is enhanced manifold & working around the whole spectrum of marketing that logistically affects a two-way connection between the company and the customer through various promotional programs.

Classic ways of Consumer Engagement
In the past the most popular form of consumer engagement was to stage an event or a road show or some activity in a prominent malls in the city where the brand is given the exposure and consumers would get to know about the brand.

Then came the call centers for the promotion of the brand / product, they would make calls to the potential customers and sensitizes him or her about the brand and explains to him or her why a particular brand is more attractive than the other. They would also receive calls from the customers in response to a call for action of ground activation.

However, both of the above did not full-fill the wish list of brand managers, owing to the fact that event & activations were getting expensive day by day and yet did not have any shelf-life or a response measuring parameter, and the source of the leads for call center were a major issue, and unwanted calls to consumers who did not opt in for receiving the calls – backfired.

This continued till brands started working through various channels and stepped up outsourcing consumer engagement activities with help of professional team to make sure that the brand goes a long way in creating impact among the customers.

Modern ways of Engaging Consumers
Consumer engagement experts these days strongly rely upon Word of mouth marketing & Referral Programs which are newest tool these days for publicity and for the brand to takes hold over the mind of the customers and emotionally attaches to them generating more loyalty and a lifetime adherence to the brand.

Modern day branding is incomplete without mobile and Internet marketing, which is now being used by consumer engagement experts, at almost all points & has become the need of the hour as use modern technology and devices amplify the exposure of the brand in the market through a number of applications for the web and on mobile platforms.

Engaging Consumers with Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is perhaps the most effective tool nowadays to create brand equity, with various means by which the web can help you to reach the target customers through blogs, press releases and write-up and most importantly through social media sites, which practically was the last one to enter as tool for consumer engagement.

Social Media For Consumer Engagement
However, Social Media had left all other mediums behind and today, from Fortune 500 companies to a Saloon Next Door, use sites like Facebook and Twitter to generate response from millions of web users as perhaps it is the   surest way to project one’s brand in the real business world.

Some use social media tools as “DO IT yourself ” tool for Consumer Engagement, where as some brands hire an Consumer Engagement Experts to understand the marketing trends & apply best practices for building interactive games and applications, making it Interesting & viral.

Easy with digital it may seem like but with the growing expectation of consumer, the task of consume engagement experts is only getting tougher day by day.