Aligning Channel Programs to Overall Business Objectives

Channel Loyalty Programs India

Dealer Engagement Program

There is no bigger resource than the people you work with. Be it your employees, your clients or your customers, it is imperative to make them feel special at all the times. Almost all the companies undertake certain channel program but only a few end up getting the exact result that they expected. Why is it so? It all comes down to the fact that ‘Smart work matters more than hard work’.

Hundreds of Channel programs would count for nothing if they are not aligned towards a common outcome of enhancing the company’s business and prestige. Random channel programs without a specific aim are similar to shooting in all the directions when the target is in front of you.

Channel programs

They are of many kinds. While some of them are aimed at enhancing the company’s sales and external image, a number of these programs such as incentives and awards are aimed at recognizing the employees to encourage them for the job at hand. Some of the other channel programs commonly organized by the company also include promotional activities. Most of these activities are a part of the pre planned targets set by the company in terms of the sales and promotional strategies. Similarly, offering incentives to the employees on achievement of year long goals must be a well thought out strategy to provide optimum benefit to the company. The criticality of these activities means that the companies can’t consider them as just another event and assign it to anyone! The companies must hire dedicated agencies for such channel program to take the most out of them.