Channel Programs

Channel Loyalty Programs

Channel Loyalty Programs


Dealer Loyalty Program

Dealer loyalty programs offer one of the fastest routes to build close ties with your best customers. The program is built with dealers for dealers, after analyzing the unique challenges associated with new customer acquisition, customer retention and the business operations of your brand. Dealer Loyalty Program is a blend of stored value that gives you an almost infinite combination of options and wide flexibility in how you promote and incentivize your Dealer relationships.

Claims Management

We handle your claims management and customer service requirements with a single-minded focus; to provide assistance and advice when it is needed the most. Our team will collect all of the information required throughout your claims process and proactively manage the overall operations to help achieve priority service for you within the agreed service delivery standards. Our technology follows proven claims management processes that have been refined specifically for Indian brands, as well as being further tailored to the individual business rules of our clients.



Rewards & Incentives

People do respond well to incentives for good performance and to recognition for doing especially good work. Employers shouldn’t forget this if they want great performance. Rewards don’t have to be expensive — no trips to Hawaii are necessary unless the company can afford it and the performance was really, really outstanding. What is important is that when you have special promotions or a busy time is coming up, you get in the habit of planning rewards and doing something about it when you notice people doing things right. It’s this mantra that makes us design Incentives and Rewards that cater to the individual; never adopting the one size fits all approach. We offer the widest range of multi-channel reward & gift products with the widest choice of redemption options.

Sales Booster Activates

Staying in touch with clients and prospects is essential to increasing sales, but how do you make sure that constant contact doesn’t become counterproductive? The answer is to ensure that each time you reach out; you provide something of value, whether it’s an article, useful tips or helpful industry information. People may resist a sales pitch, but no one has a problem receiving useful information. Ask yourself, “How can I offer more value to my customers?” and “How can I improve the service I’m already providing?” You need to shift your sales focus from attracting new customers to enticing your proven customers to buy again. The best sales prospect is a prospect that’s already converted – in other words, one of your current customers.



Manpower Provisioning

Hiring the right manpower is the most important factor with respect to the success quotient of a business, department, or process. However, owing to time constraints as well as challenges that spring up every now and then, businesses are unable to give due importance to this domain, resulting in recruitment of employees that are not up to the mark, resulting in revenue losses over a period of time. We facilitate for ‘plug and play’ teams which can be sourced in-house and can start functioning at a short notice, with the entire back-end operations including salaries, reimbursements and statutory obligations being handled by us, so that you can concentrate only on growing your business by utilizing their potential optimally.

Audit & Survey

We guard your processes by proper survey and security audits. We ensure ‘value for money’ on every activity we undertake. Internal Auditors typically solicit feedback through client satisfaction surveys. There are a variety of ways to solicit opinions including live interviews and questionnaires. Successful questionnaires will help audit functions determine how well they are achieving goals and objectives.



Gifts & Greetings

Whatever budget you have available for purchasing your promotional gifts; we have a plethora of options to really make your brand stand out. With our unique combination of innovation, efficiency and experience we at Innovative Incentives ensure that your promotional gift & greetings requirements are always met and exceeded. Whatever you are looking for we can source it! Our promotional products come from far and wide; we have local suppliers for a quick turnaround as well as our contacts are ready and waiting for larger, bespoke orders. So don’t hesitate: call us now for advice on whatever promotional item you may desire!

POP Handling

We handle point-of-purchase (POP) merchandise for clients in support of solo and ongoing promotional, marketing, and sales campaigns. We work with client vendors to handle all aspects of receiving, warehousing, and shipping inventories. Production staging of promotional materials can be for simple, straightforward many-to-one distributions or involve vary large, highly sophisticated one-to-many drop-shipments. Examples of inventories handled are Displays & display goods, Posters, Banners, Signage, Headers, Sales Promotion Products, brochures, folders, stickers, misc. printed materials.





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