5 Tips for Creating better Communication Strategy

Ask 10 business leaders about the most significant component of a successful business, and 8 out of those 10 would tell you ‘Communication Strategy’. Communication between employer and the employee, Communication between the company and the customers, Communication between the company and the client, all these form-critical parameters, whose correct working is essential for the company’ well being. Here are some critical points that you can adhere to while forming your

Communication Strategy-

  • Be crystal clear – It is always advised to be upfront about your current situation. Having all the stakeholders on the same page is essential for the well being of any business. Make sure you are not sugar coating anything just to sound good!
  • Don’t round up! – If the numbers say 96.7%, don’t make it 100%. Ensure that you are presenting the exact picture to everyone.
  • It is not a race – Effective communication need not be super quick! Make sure you take your time while communicating your message. It is much better to go slow than realizing in the end that you need to repeat it all over again.
  • Simple Language is the best – Rather than showing off your vocabulary skills, your focus must be on effective passing of information. Make sure you are using a language which is easy to decipher for the audience. Use technical jargons only if you feel everyone is comfortable with them.
  • Get more people on board – Don’t be the lone person working on it. Multiple minds working over the same thing always bring more ideas! Invite other stakeholders to form the strategy and encourage them to suggest alterations.