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Consumer Promotions Incentives

Consumer Promotions Incentives


Holiday Vouchers

If you are looking for an affordable giveaway for your customers, then look no further – our holiday vouchers may be what you have been looking for. A holiday voucher is truly a gift that will never disappoint. Starting at just Rs.100 /-, each voucher allows your customer or recipient to redeem it for a two night holiday for a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) at over 50 locations across India.

Our holiday vouchers are not just the perfect gift for a weekend getaway but they are also ideal for long-term promotions or incentive schemes. It’s the perfect present for someone special, or to incentivize your hard-working sales force. The vouchers worth with any promotion and are easy to distribute as either physical vouchers or by email, SMS or mobile app. it fits in any promotions.

Speak to our consultant today and see how we can add value to your next promotions.

Flight Vouchers

There is a child in all of us wanting to fly! Our custom flight vouchers are redeemable for a return ticket from major domestic destinations in India. Just let yourself acknowledge the child in you!

Innovative Flight Vouchers offers the ultimate in flexibility to recipients. They are also a cost effective giveaway solution for corporates, making it the perfect idea for promotions. Inspire someone to take a great adventure with a flight voucher.

Starting at Rs. 599/-, this is the most cost effective solution and it is & ideal for promotions. Speak to our consultant for soaking up the sun, sea & surf in one big box!



Spa Vouchers

Stress Buster Instant Spa Gift Vouchers are designed to restore balance, stimulate senses and purify the body. If you’re looking for the perfect wellness gift for your consumers, dealers and sales team, think no further than Spa Vouchers.

Consider our Spa Vouchers for your next giveaway or incentive and let your team enjoy a rejuvenation time by enjoying massage, facials, yoga, and many more services that can be used across numerous locations across India, backed by a connoisseur desk to help them at all points.

These vouchers are fully customizable depending on your requirements and they are backed by years of trusted service standards, so you can relax as well.

Movie Vouchers

How about treating your consumers with a box office night out with a cinema voucher, or offering a dream cinema walk with a companion?

Take advantage of this astonishing offer for a movie voucher, which can be distributed as an e-Voucher straight to your recipients’ inbox or mobile phone as an SMS. Movie gift cards and movie vouchers are ideal for business promotions or motivational activities, social clubs and for treating a large group of loyal customers or hard working team members. Since everyone is a movie buff (everyone loves movies) treat your teamand clients with the full Lights – Camera – Action experience. Watch the happiness unfold.

Available in various options and price brackets to suit your requirements.



Domestic Travel Certificates

Innovative Travel Certificates make an ideal choice when it comes to rewarding your customers or team performers, giving them a break from their hectic schedule and recharging them for their next target

Our Travel Certificates are redeemable at carefully selected properties across India and can be customized as per your budget requirements, which can then be topped up by the recipient for further customizations. This gives them the flexibility to create their own holiday without at extra cost or concern to you.

What is best is that prices start @ just Rs. 2999/- and you can order even just ONE Travel Certificate. They are the best alternative to group travel, which can be a hectic task to pull off considering the logistical constraints and getting consensus from all participants for a common date of travel.

International Travel Certificates

For groups of 20 travellers or less, international group travel can prove to be an expensive affair and a hectic task, especially when all travelers are flying from different cities, reaching destinations at different times, using different airlines and then taking different local transfers, all justto meet together at a common place for two Nights –it’s all a bit much, isn’t it?

Make international travel easy & effort free with our International Travel Certificates! These easy-to-use certificates are a perfect choice for convenient, versatile international travel arrangements, giving the traveler the option to avail all travel services at their choice of time, including their air ticket, accommodation, sight-seeing activities, Visas andinsurance assistance.

Should your traveler wish to extend their holiday beyond the period mentioned, you may allow this offer in your certificate. You mayeven wish to include a nearby country in the same trip – we not only assist you in making best possible itinerary as per their wish list, but we also ensure that they get the best price – unbeatable in the market with highest service standards.

So go ahead – include an international trip for your next promotion or contest and leave the rest to us.




Creating customer engagement by participation drive is easy using our call to action platform for new product launches and campaigns. – a free gift upon participation is a quid-pro-quo with measurable value and an inducing factor for your target customers to participate in your engagement drive.

Our Gifts2Win campaign covers wide experiential end-to-end gifting ideas (including last mile deliveries and compliance) that packages experiences based on a pre-determined category or theme that best fits your brand requirements., offering the best experiences and the best value for a well-rounded solution for your requirement on any medium that you may choose from – Radio, TV, Web, Phone, APP, Print or Web.


If you wish to offer all your customers an assured gift on each purchase, and you want to offer a high value product but keep the cost under control, and if you want deliver the gift directly to customer’s doorstep – then our Gifts 2 Reed Service is made just for you.

You can make customers claim their gift by fulfilling some form of criteria, and you can also post the purchase rather than giving it up front. This will help your ranking, help you to build your brand name and make sales, all under a controlled environment.

GIFTS 2 REDEEM is the perfect solution to all your problems as we offer end to end program management services – from setting up the registration engine to creating a verification mechanism. We also look after gift procurement, claim settlements and record keeping for the required period.




We offer a unique phone based engagement program. This can be implemented as a one time engaging game as a way to promote your business, or it can be implemented as reward program for repetitive customers!

You can either set the number of giveaways on every dial or you can make business rules to best fit your product i.e. “the more you play – the more you dial – the more you can win”. Dial2Win is a simple yet effective mechanism that makes your promo interactive and responsive to engage users and build brands.

You may choose to get this implemented on a TOLL free number or a normal hone number, and if need be even by SMS or on a mobile app for the tech savvy. . The best part is you can get them all on one promo – all together.


Scratch 2 win gives your customers instant gratification by playing scratch cards, and it gamifies your relationship with the customers. You can even choose to set different scratch ticket games and gifts on offer as per customer segments to manage costing’s.

Scratch cards make an interactive and effective promotional tool that offers more meaning to a brand with intensive message exposure, and high prize value for the lucky one making victory and triumph that much sweeter when you take the crown.




Turn your tokens into cash back! We let your customers win cash back prizes and splash out on whatever your heart desires from your store or brand! This can be arranged in a number of ways to ensure that all customers participating in the offer share their verified information and purchase details – which we return to you, helping you plan your next promotion.

For customers, nothing beats that feeling of satisfaction as you receive an over-sized cash back certificate in your mail or an amount directly credited onto your card or account. Cash2Win can also be implemented, as an online competition offering prizes that everybody wants to win. With high stakes and rewarding payoffs, customers can go crazy to enter competitions for their chance to scoop the jackpot.

Cash back win deals can be created in a way that fits your brands requirements and while you see your registrations increase – we ensure that it all goes smoothly and that all participants are satisfied at all times.

Web Partners

Execute on your brand’s digital goals with our partner-based service for your Social Media and Web pages. We use technology to brilliantly boost customer satisfaction and engagement in a range of ways, eventually helping your customers come back to your web pages again and again..

By implementing our web partnership model with non competing brands / products and services, your visitors can have the look and feel of them being on your web pages for making reservations and redeeming vouchers, while you tak your family on a well-deserved vacation without some other engine working behind your back! So come and take advantage of the fastest and most convenient online partners program!

Our technical experts ensure that the integration is done in the safest digital environment – and following best privacy practices.– So go ahead and talk to us today.



Database Marketing

Your customer data holds the power to optimize your marketing cycle, enhance customerexperience and lower costs while providing a measurable impact on revenue. However,for your data to make an impact, you need to be able to wrap your arms around it. Our DB Marketing tool helps you adopt a systematic approach to the gathering, consolidating, and processing consumer data (both for customers and potential customers) that is maintained in a company database.

We ensure that analysis of your database is implemented in line with your company strategies, performing multi-stage pretests and sometimes even with heavy parallel testing of various concepts. Our intelligent statistical tools and methods help you extract the most successful parameters from different ideas of thought to design one solution covering all the winning factors. One package can help you generate powerful ROI.

Talk to our analytic expert who shall be happy to conduct a preliminary no obligation analysis and proposal for your plan.

Loyalty Programs

A good loyalty program is the best way to keep customers, to have them make purchases again and again, or increase their share of spend on your brand. The loyalty programme can be adapted to work for any industry sector at any scale.

Our loyalty solutions are available as and turn key solution in all types – Point Based, Coalition, Hybrid or a custom format of your choice and requirement. These can be furtherdetailed as per your requirements for membership levels, multi-tier rewards Structure, discounts and loyalty points for various other non purchase linked activities.

Innovative Loyalty Platform gives tracking, statistics and analytics in the simplest formats and interface, yet delivering the most complex combinations and insights about the performance of your program, enabling you to take any corrective or preventive measures as they may be required.

Our alliance team works closely with holiday, travel and leisure providers, shopping sites, institutional suppliers and almost all major brands in order to put across a rewards catalogue for your loyalty program. This will help to secure you superb value and heavily discounted offers, saving you on budgets without comprising value to your customers.



Relationship Programs

Put consumers at the center of everything that your brand does! We support building communities around products, and creating something larger than even a brand name i.e. a “relationship”.

We create deeper meaning in your customer’s lives with our many ways to build meaning around your product. There is really no more effective way than empowering individual brand ambassadors to run with your vision. We help you build that special bond with your customers and elevate their trust in your brand.

Our relationship plans include short term, long term and one-time activities as your product may require to make an impact.

Reference Programs

Building an effective reference program does not happen overnight, but rather it should be considered a long-term endeavor that evolves over time. It is a natural step for sales cycles by elevating customers into influencers.

Customer Reference Program can help you get more customers via your existing ones. The program enables you to leverage off the power of your happy customers, to their friends and family with a story to help you gain positive exposure and brand awareness with a target audience.

We integrate the program on all social media platforms – giving you the maximum exposure and user-generated content, which builds a circle of trust around your product; by offering certified references making rounds across digital space, and by generating leads and prospects.



Custom Programs

If any of the mentioned services still don’t meet your requirement – and you would like to implement something else which you fancy, simply give us a call and we can put all the pieces together, by helping you with a custom managed promotional program made espcially for you. We will work closely with your marketing staff to recommend and offer our services to best meet your promotional objectives.




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