About the Role

The world is always changing so we have a vacancy for a Product Management-IT profile who would be continuously adapting and excited to work on products that affect the way our users interact with our offerings to provide users with the best experience.
Being highly work cross-functional role you get to guide products from conception to launch by connecting the technical and business worlds. Should be able to think ahead of the clock & be responsible for the vision, strategy, product definition, prioritization and on-time delivery of the product. Being accountable for every aspect of the product, that is valuable, usable and feasible & become an intersection between business, technology and user experience by breaking down complex problems into steps that drive product development’s speed.

Experience: 2 – 3 years | Opening(s): 1   | Locations:Delhi / Mohali


Bachelor’s degree in a technical field – EE, CS; MBA or similar degree highly preferred along with a working experience of 2-3 years in Product Management, Product Marketing or Program Management. Must have skills to deliver complex tech projects involving multiple platforms and delivering systems at scale.

Sounds like you?

Working with multiple teams ranging from operations to marketing to customer relations to sales, you understand every aspect of the business revolving around your product and have exceptional team-working and collaborative skills. Creating what you deem is best for the users & to deliver an unparalleled consumer experience throughout the consumer journey, dedication and self-motivation is in your personality.

Being great in at least one below, passionate about all three, and conversant with practitioners in all, if you fit into just one of the above three, you could be the right fit:

Business: Focused on maximizing business value from a product. Obsessed with optimizing a product to achieve the business goals while maximizing ROI.

Technology:  There’s no point defining what to build if you don- t know how it will get built. Hey Chill, we are not expecting you to sit down and code but understanding the technology stack and most importantly understanding the level of effort involved is crucial to making the right decisions.

User Experience:  Being the voice of the user inside the business and must be passionate about the user experience. You do need to be out there testing the product, talking to users and getting that feedback first-hand.

What Do We Expect

  • Exceptional Communication , Presentation , Analytical & Problem Solving Skills.
  • Ability to understand and analyse user needs and conduct market research to create and deliver on product vision, goal, strategy, and road-map
  • Excellent Hands on product management experience with ability to organize, manage, and prioritize tasks.
  • Unparalleled bias for action with an ability to operate in an ambiguous, dynamic & environment with tight deadlines.

What Would You Be Doing

  • Keen attention to detail and ability to work with user interface designers and usability to define customer experience for all customer facing features
  • Work closely with customers to understand problem statement and providing them with a functional solution
  • Defining product road-map taking customer’s priorities in consideration
  • Create & communicate a clear vision for the products with all stakeholders
  • Be in charge of competitor analysis, market analysis, product analysis, business cases, product evolution and product marketing
  • Prioritize product roll-out based on business impact  & Collaborate with Engineering team and Product Managers on development activities
  • Work closely with the Marketing and Sales team to implement product changes that will increase traffic and improve conversions
  • Synthesise customer feedback and data to identify product opportunities

Opportunity Favours
the Bold

Opportunities are not magic wands, one wave of which will leapfrog us to the pinnacle of success. They are, in essence, chances that we create for ourselves after years and years of hard work and perseverance. Once the opportunity does knock on our doors, be ready to grab it with both hands and make full use of it.

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