Customer Loyalty Programs

Stand-Alone Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Make your brand standout from the crowd by taking it to the next level, using our loyalty platform to reflect your business strategies & increasing customer aspiration.

With a tailor-made loyalty program to meet your goals for customer acquisition and retention, using instant and interactive gratification, you can take your customers confidence and engagement to a new soaring heights & increase the share of his spending on your brand/product.

Point Based Programs

Sometimes simplicity pays off more than anything else possibly imaginable. Traditional point based programs are the most common loyalty programs that the industry has seen since its inception – and yet the hardest to master.

Based on the simple rule of letting the customers earn their own rewards by being a part of your brand, through repetitive purchase over a period and sometimes offering an extra incentive over some specific period / products, to add points in their account – to be redeemed as gift on achieving a specific level of points.



Coalition Programs

Partnering in a strategic alliance with another non-competitive business of your customers interest allows you consumers to reap maximum benefits and for effective retention making your program best bet for them to come back to you again and again.

Get to know the purchasing pattern of your clients using this mode to make more engaging offers and communicate more effectively & exploit the programs potential to fullest offering more value by providing them with something they expect.

Reward-Code Programs

Be the best in the business and offer reward codes that will make your clients go to the moon and back! With the cut throat competition that is dead set against being the best giving away reward codes is a great way of making your loyal customers feel special.

The rewards serve the purpose of making the customers feel the need to keep coming back to redeem the rewards that they have collected over a period of time. The greatest thing that is achieved through these reward points is the need that is created amongst the consumers for a brand/ product/ service.



Affinity Based programs

Low on cost and yet extremely effective is what the principle of all affinity based loyalty programs is. Affinity programs help you churn out the class that you are interested in depending upon their spending abilities.

Allying your brand with another that supports your interests without hampering your growth is the basis of the program. The affinity that one creates through partnering help achieve shared incentives of the consumer pool.




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