Joint Ventures


Innovative Incentive is interested in finding partners to execute joint ventures and together work for the development of various projects. We believe to cut through the clutters for a linear growth and that to minimize pressures, and investment. We are open to Joint Ventures for activities, and be a partner in progress to domestic and international ventures.

We work with our partner companies side by side to develop specific ventures in regions where our marketing capabilities, risk management portfolio, and experiential marketing expertise are principal assets. Together, we can go to brands and marketers’ to develop and finance these ventures.

We are constantly seeking opportunities that need quality partners and are open to explore new partnerships with companies who share our values of trust, professionalism, commitment, integrity and common goals. We are a company that offers a creative way for different companies to exit from non-core businesses, and assure that working with us will always give you best results and best services as we believe in doing things with perfection and always make sure to meet and exceed the expectations. We have got the best team to work and ensure you that you get the best results.

Innovative Incentives will look at the local market structure for every opportunity and take value from partner capabilities. We check opportunities between continents, countries and producers and we are in constant contact with the ever-changing commodities market.


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