Our International Partners


Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea – to empower the brands. Our rise has been led by the vision and the spirit of our employees, for whom no idea was too big and no problem too difficult. With untiring innovation and determination, Innovative Incentives proactively began to diversify its product offering, adding a variety of products and services. We have also stayed ahead of the curve by continually evolving our portfolio to meet the ever changing demands of today’s marketers’.

We have variety of projects for channel as well as customer segment and would like to share the experience with potential overseas partners and at the same time offer our local expertise to you if you are willing to move into the Indian market. We can help you meet the objectives of your international operations of sales expansion, resource acquisition, risk minimization and the means with which we carry them out and help you remain unaffected by the physical / societal factors. We would like to talk to individuals and companies looking to enter Indian market or wishing to replicate our business model in their country.


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