Several years before, if you wanted to start your own business, the natural course of action would be to do it on your own, depending largely on your business instincts, limited know-how, and observation of the market. The advent of Innovative Incentives franchising, however is about to bring a big change which indeed has many advantages. Read further to own your franchisee:

You Own the Business – It gives you the option to duplicate our successful business concept, in your own outlet, hiring own employees and oversees the day-to-day business & managerial operations.

Turnkey Operations – On the signing of the franchise agreement and payment of the franchise fee, you would receive all the necessary supplies required in running the business. Furthermore, we also provide assistance in identifying good customer prospect. We also offer active assistance in negotiating with your customers for closing a deal, preparing plans marketing as per local requirements.

Widest range of product & services – Wide range of solutions offered make your business un-affected by economic cycles. All economies are cyclical and as you will be aware from experience there are times of prosperity and there are times when global, national and local factors result in economic slowdowns, but with a wide range of product and services being offered by Innovative Incentives you can be sure of the register ringing at all times.

Ready Market – Get immediate access to an established concept. You can use of the company’s trademark and goodwill. Our Product & Services have instant brand recognition and have created a loyal following among consumers. Therefore, you are getting into a business that already has a ready market.

Ongoing Support – Although running your own business, you can tap the services of the head office anytime you need assistance. We also have field operations personnel for direct help & dealing with any problem you may encounter in the operation of the business.


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